One year ago, on March 23 I rolled out a first article to this blog, and, looking back, it was a damn good decision! In this short post I’ll share some results and stats.


During the year I published 12 posts: 8 about Rails, 2 about Haskell, 1 about databaseas and 1 essay about architecture. Overall there were 26 300 unique visitors. Thanks for the attention 🙂

Top articles

🥇 Why Ruby has symbols

A post about Ruby internals, rolled out in April, which got most attention: about 11 000 unique visitors spending 5 minutes 30 seconds on the page! Moreover, it was translated to Japaneese, recognized as one of most popular posts in RubyWeekly and reached #4 on Hackernews.


🥈 Understading why attr_accessor in Ruby is faster than a regular method

Another post on how Ruby works, which was rolled out in June. This one got 3 500 unique visitors with 4 minutes 45 seconds on the page.

🥉 How to make Ruby interpreter run program written in a natural language

A weird post about metaprogramming, that was visited by 2 300 unique users, and it took them 3 minutes 22 seconds in average to dig into it.

Those who didn’t make it to the top

# Title Unique visitors Avergage time on page
4 How to find a memory bloat in your Rails app before it happens 1400 5m 17 s
5 Haskell Adventures: Functors 762 2m 45s
6 Haskell Adventures: digging into the declarative approach 750 3m 4s
7 Fantastic global methods in Ruby and where to find them 741 3m 12s
8 Applicative programming in Ruby: railway reimagined 628 2m 50s
9 On chosing the ideal architecture of the web application 569 3m 2s
10 Building complex reports for your own DVD rental shop using PostgreSQL window functions 536 3m 51s
11 Applicative programming in Ruby: advanced behaviors 381 2m 1s
12 How to configure field extensions using keyword arguments in GraphQL Ruby 284 4m 13s